Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Brother had an emergency (namely forgot to pre-plan) so I helped drop my nieces and their friend off to summer school after lunch. To save gas, I hung out in the area until class ended. Took the chance to research on mom's cell phone. Picked the kids up and went back to brother's until dinner time. It was eat-out day. I timed my pick-up with mom so we all arrived at the cafe roughly the same time.

The girls wanted to play with my Pinkys after dinner, so they all came to our place and I lent them my monthly supply box under the condition of returning them to the original state. Of course that didn't happen. An hour later when they left, most of my prepared Pinkys were different. Oh well. Not that I mind it so much, but it's about promises. I don't let them play with my Pinkys because (1) they go rough, (2) I've prepared those for daily use and don't want to mess up the setup. I do let them play with the dolls every-now-and-then. So don't call me mean.

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