Monday, July 11, 2011

Old habit

Thank god for chiropractor day. Cleaning up left me in bad shape.

Finally mailed the yellow envelopes. The mail box was full of those. Actually this is the first time I ran into the mailman collecting mail.

Dad's habit of spitting indoors was gone for a few day, but it's now back. The staff at the nursing home told us about how he would spit regardless of location or who's there. The worse is, his roommate Mr. H picked up his bad habit too. (T_T)

Dad seems to be playing some kind of game... or I should say, toying with Mr. H and the staff. When no one's looking, dad tells Mr. H to go back to his room. Amazingly, he listens and actually does it. The staff would find out, then bring him back. Then dad would tell Mr. H that he's naughty. Sigh... Yup, he's both the cop and criminal.

Started cleaning out my pens. Didn't realize I've got so many, way more than I can use. Of course most of them dry up and have to be trashed.

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