Friday, July 22, 2011


First, I was with a bunch of OL in some kind of dark office. They were organizing a funeral. Much of this part was lost by the time I wrote it down. Then the second part, I was with a bunch of family members and relatives inside a high-school lecture-hall-like funeral home. There were lots of other people that I didn't know. Lots. The walls were cream colour in general, and the lower half was yellowish wood paneling. This yellow was stale and unpleasant. The rooms were not square either. The floor of the central area was sunken a few steps.

It didn't feel like a funeral. Almost like an event or something. (Maybe it wasn't a funeral.)

After a while, people were called by name into a room to have a massage. That room had a stage but not used. I think I saw a roll of massage chairs in there. Our family's turn was up. My late uncle L was called. Aunt L gave a verbal response to save his spot (but, but... he pasted away yeas ago). Funny, dad was not in this part despite all the family was there.

Then it was closing time. People slowly exited the building. Niece N was with me when the staff took plants off the walls and ceiling. There were pine wreaths on the ceiling and Chinese fan palm leaves on the walls. For some unknown reason, my family needed to stay behind for a little bit, and all went into a room, except me and niece N. We hung out in the hallway. A few moments later, the door opened and I saw dad come out naked. Mom was right behind, scolding him. She grabbed him back to put clothes on. Seemed like dad went pee and took all his clothes off. (This does happen in real life.)

There were more, but I couldn't write them down in time.

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