Thursday, July 28, 2011


Originally wanted to go for a semi-annual car tuneup, but couldn't fit it in. Oh well.

After lunch, took mom to see dad. She noticed that his watch was gone. However, his lost slippers came back. Hmm... Then we went to brother's to take house-sitting instructions for the next few days. The daycare kids were napping so we had to wait for a while (until at least one of them woke up) before brother and sis-in-law could talk to us in normal volume. Got home at round 3:30, and aunt Y was here already. After some afternoon snack and pictures, I went to Metrotown to meet A. (1) To delivery his coffee. (2) To check out XS Cargo together as we both need something from there.

Finally... got my reacher. Yay~ (Should have checked online earlier. Wasted a lot of time going to the other branch.) A got his weather station too. Then some grocery at Walmart. Somehow my back was screwing up. Perhaps falling blood sugar level added to it. I suddenly entered zombie mode. Felt better after dinner at Wendy's. Then hung out at A's. Thanks for the back rub!

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