Sunday, July 31, 2011

House-sitting (2)

Ended up going to brother's after lunch. Took mom to help with changing the guinea pigs. However, couldn't find the cardboard fence. (T_T) Couldn't put the pigs on lawn. Took like half an hour.

Then we went to see dad. He wore his shirt unbuttoned and showing both shoulders. Basically, almost half naked. (T_T) Caught him spitting onto the wall... took a picture and realized the wall was covered with his spit!!!!! Grossssss!!!! (T_T) Sigh... at least we didn't have to clean that up. He's removed his name tag the nursing home made for his walker (which was in turn borrowed from another relative). Now he has removed half of the label I covered with layers of packing tape. Sigh... Of course his watch is still missing. It's pretty save to consider stolen.

Took mom home and I packed a day's stuff to bring to brother's. I really don't want to spend the night there with the vampire. But I've gotta keep my promise to student T. However, T did not return. Grrrr!!!!!

Wanted to see the pride parade. Wanted to see BC place's open house. (T_T)

Phoned Mu again. She wasn't home. Phoned Ma again, woke her up at 2:30pm her time. She's in crunch time for an illustration job so we'll try to talk again tomorrow. Good luck on the deadline! Phone Mrs. L but no one answered. Hmm... this year's phone call is a disaster.

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