Saturday, July 23, 2011


Mom brought back a pair of dad's panties... torn. Yup, dad doesn't only destroy his own clothes, he also tears up the nursing home's bed sheets. Sigh... (T_T)

Met up with A and went to a Kerrisdale French bakery for some take-out cake. Seemed like they only have whole cakes for sale. I actually need some cake for mom's early b-day dinner tomorrow, so A bought a whole and gave me more than half. Thanks~ Also thanks for dinner at the bakery's bistro. Picked up some grocery at the high-end super market next door. Ran into a detour thanks to an accident on our way back.

The cake was made with butter cream. AKA artery cement. (T_T) Yup, it tasted good. but super unhealthy. It was so heavy, I couldn't eat more than a piece 1 cm thick. (The cake was tall, though.) A loves that stuff. Yikes...

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