Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diapers and cane

Once again, mom didn't wait for me and went to see dad alone. Seems like the "back from diaper to underwear" plan for dad was put off. Dad was in diaper. He went number 2 right after lunch, and of course tried to get rid of the diaper. Mom had trouble stopping him from tearing up the diaper so she took it off. It was dry so she was going to put it back on afterward. However, dad was fighting back so much, mom had to get help from the staff... who do not argue with the residence. At the end, dad won, and mom put him in underwear.

Then very soon after, dad wet himself, without diapers. Sigh... The story didn't end there. Mom aid him in the washroom. When he was done, he pulled a piece of paper towel to wipe his hands, then threw it into the toilet. Mom was furious by that time and yelled at him. But it was too late. Dad flushed it and said it was fine. Sigh...

He also lost his cane. Mom informed the staff and all the rooms were searched with no luck. It had to be in his room. One place mom didn't look, was under Mr. H's bed. He thinks everyone wants to steal his his new shoes so he hides them there. Sometimes he borrows dad's cane to reach them. Of course mom didn't realize until much later.

Oh, dad started to pull thread from his shirts again. Mom brought some back home to mend. Sigh... (T_T) And I thought our problem would be solved... (I do admit, it's waaaaay better then before, though.)

Cake-top Pinkys continues.

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