Saturday, July 30, 2011

House-sitting (1)

Needed to deal with the knock, then washed my hair and showered. (Don't want to shower at brother's.) By the time I got there, it was 4, grossly late. (T_T) Student T downstairs seemed to be eager to talk to me. He asked me if I was there last nigh. I say no. And he was really concern that the lights were on. I told him it was the timer that turns on every night. Then he was mumbling about hearing kids and noises etc. He looked fidgety, and didn't express himself well. Was I so difficult to talk to??? Then I went back upstairs to feed the guinea pigs. He came to the back door this time wanting to take a banana (which he said he'd usually get with dinner). Since sis-in-law didn't leave me any or instruction about that, I let him look. He tried to open a cabinet but it was child-proof. He gave up immediately. I opened the fridge for him. There were some apples and nectarines. He said he'd take a small one and went back down. Not sure if it was apple or nectarine.

After a bit, he came back again, asking me if I know it would rain tonight. I checked online and yes, it would rain. He than looked like he had a eureka moment and said more reason he need to spend the night elsewhere. I asked him if he's got friends to go to. He said no, it's his vacant family home(?). I asked if he'd be alone at both places, what difference would it make? He then look super fidgety and said he's not a logical person. Hmm... I said I would not stop him and he can go if he wants. He went back downstairs.

Next time he came asking for Tupperware to take the food with him. Of course not knowing where the stuff is, I let him look again. This time he found it right away. So downstairs again he went.

Not sure how long had past, he left, in the rain.

My vampire showed up. Can't be on a worse day. But at least I'd be going home.

Can't call W because he's busy moving. Called Mu but she wasn't at home. Neither was Ma. Chatted with her sister for a few moments and that was all. Hmm... not fruitful in terms of calls.

Turns out sis-in-law left student T with a bunch of bananas. He ate them all at once.

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