Friday, July 29, 2011


Cousin M is in town. So we went for our annual family lunch. They come every summer to see dad. However, this is the first time dad cannot eat with us. So it's just me and mom, cousin M and her husband.

The 4 of us finished lunch. Cousin M got a separate take-out order of wonton to bring to dad. They drove the Mini today so I took my car instead. Dad... was lying in bed the wrong side. (Feet on pillow.) Of course he's torn up his diaper. Sigh... He also tore up his pants. Mom took it back home to mend. On closer look, dad didn't just tear up the seams, but the fabric itself. This pair of pants cannot be mended.

Cleanup continues. Dug up a bunch of old glasses. Most are dad's. There's one from late uncle L that looks vintage. I wonder if I should try selling it on e-bay or something. (Otherwise, donation.)

Brother's gang has left for their trip, but since enough food is left for the guinea pigs, I don't need to go today.

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