Sunday, July 24, 2011


Since brother's gang will be away for a few days camping later next week, we ate out for mom and aunt L's b-day. The original plan was for me to pick up aunt L to my place, then brother's gang would join us for cake. Then we'd all go visit dad before eating out.

However, somehow brother's got a visitor and was delayed for an hour. So, the 3 of us eat cake first. (One form A yesterday, thanks! And one form aunt L, which was in turn given to her by cousin C.) Mom was very nervous about aunt L who eats dinner at 5:30. So she decided to postpone the cake on brother's gang until after dinner. We left directly to see dad as soon as he arrived.

We hit dad right at dinner time. He was spitting and shooting snot even while eating, and made a mess... Sigh... He tends to eat the "better" stuff first, and left the beans to the end. Then dessert (some kind of moose) came. Sis-in-law urge him to finish the beans. Dad then put all the beans into the moose. Sigh... (T_T) But at least he ate them all.

Mom also brought some of our cake and left it to dad. If he didn't need to go to washroom, I'm sure he would have eaten it all, right there. (This had happened so many times. Apparently, he likes to come up with "something" so that mom would have to "serve" him. Usually yucky stuff.) After mom finished aiding him to washroom, we left for our own dinner. Today was the Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond. Some grocery-shopping afterward, then dropped aunt L home. Finally, cake time. I though my nieces would have enough stomach for that very heavy cake... and both of them said so, only niece N was able to finish her piece. Sis-in-law has health issues so she only took a bite. Brother finished off niece G's left-over. They didn't want to take any home either. This means, we still have some in our fridge. Hmm... I was counting on the kids to consume more. Now that cake would probably have to live in our fridge for a week. (Until it's all eaten.) That cake artery cement... can't, and shouldn't eat more than a tiny piece each day.

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