Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tried to take advantage of Michael's extra 25% off whole purchase including sale item coupon. I need some paint to continue with Y's Pinkys.

First stop, Beadsmart. And... I was shock that the site empty! There was no moving sign. Awww~ I was hoping to find that long and pointy dangler there. Now my chance has shrunk half. (T_T)

Then XS Cargo in the hopes that they'd still carry the $10 reacher. Nope. Long gone. Oh well. Checked out the Dollar Giant next door for those plastic storage boxes. Nope. Still sold out. I think they discontinued it. Whatever is a good deal gets discontinued. Sigh... Then, next door again, ground black sesame. The Taiwanese supermarket had scaffolding store front. If you don't look from the right angle, you'd think they're closed for renovation. I asked the staff where the stuff was, but still couldn't find it. Wasted a lot of time. But I'm glad I got the black sesame at last.

On the way, I heard from the car radio that the exchange rate was good, so I stopped by Yaohan trying to buy some US dollar. But they sold out! Awwwww~!!!! (T_T) Yes, I can come back tomorrow, but the price will not be as good. When I was there, also checked out Iwase's location to see if it's taken. Nope, still empty. That mall is half dead. (T_T)

Today's main event: Michale's. I though they had the 3 for $5 cardboard photo boxes, but nope they didn't. It must have been last week. Daaaaah! Picking out the paint was also time-consuming as some colours are pretty similar, and you can't tell by just looking at the bottle. You gotta actually peek into the inside.

Thanks A for the Urban Behavior tip. By the time I got there, it was 8. Only had an hour. Tried on 8 items and none made it. Some I like a lot. (T_T) Then, then... amongst the stuff people misplaced, I found better size on 2 of them! But... but... the store was closing! I had to leave them, knowing that they'd be gone tomorrow... (T_T)

So... sorry A, I was grumpy because I got 6 fails out of 8.

And... you keep saying the malls are busy so there's no recession. Look at these out of business stores. When will you open up your eyes?

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