Saturday, July 02, 2011


A gave me almost half of the $10 loaf of bread because he couldn't finish it by himself alone. I left it on the kitchen counter so mom could have some for breakfast... and she did. However, she though it was too tough and toasted it in thin slices! In other words, turn it all into croutons. Awwww... I tried some later, and it wasn't toasted dry enough. It was soggy. Totally ruined. Oh well... (Yes, I told her about the price later... and she was shocked.)

Our next door neighbour the M's wanted to visit Dad so I took them and mom. Mom brought equipments to give dad a hair cut. Mr. H jointed us in the bed room. We were told that normally residences are not allowed into their bed rooms during day because (1) they are not allowed to lie down to nap, (2) the staff can keep an eye on them if they're gathered in the living / dinning area. (Which, I later found out, was wrong. They were allowed back in their rooms to take naps.) We stayed for an hour and went home. The M's are taking vacation and their fight is 1 AM or so. Hmm... Missed my chance to ask them to bring the Pinkys back from W. Oh well!

Came home and then met up with A. Took him coffee bean shopping, then Costco for Thin Addictives. (All my reserved went to the cousins from SF recently.) Got a call from mom. Brother wanted to eat out tonight with aunt L. So, after I dropped A off, I picked her up immediately, and then went home to fetch mom. We finally had a chance to take aunt L to that Shanghai place near brother's. Since it was so hot and I ate a float at A's, I couldn't eat much at dinner. We were done at 7. Mom wanted to see the guinea pigs so we all went to brother's. Stayed for a bit, dropped off aunt L, and went home. Lots of run-around today.

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