Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dish rack

It was a super late start today thanks to the knock. (Thank God it came, though.) I need dish racks and some craft paint but A didn't really want to go to Richmond. I was ready to give it up altogether as the 25% off sale items coupon is good for the whole week (which means I can go on a week day.) So we went to the Italian bakery for some special cake A wanted. However, that place closes at 4 on Sundays and we just missed it. Oh well! Without any goal, we were gonna wait it out at LD until dinner. Thanks for the Thin Addictives, A! That was a new flavour, different from the one at Costco. Now that LD carries it, perhaps Costco will start carrying new varieties.

A saw a keyboard at LD and the talk of Netlink came up. So we ended up going to Richmond after all. There was some kind of event at the mall. People were gluing M&M's to a giant Styrofoam sculpture.

Unfortunately, Daiso no longer have the dish rack I want. They keep discontinuing the better stuff. One day they will turn into an ordinary dollar store with double the price. Sigh... I had to buy a few lower quality ones. The old ones were made of either bamboo or gum tree and finished. The one they have now is unfinished wood.

Turn out Netlink didn't have A's keyboard either and he left empty-handed. We then went to Timmy's for dinner. Hung out at A's place for the rest of the evening.

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