Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Back and forth

(Photo was taken on June 29th and unrelated to subject.)
Finally replied A's mail but have not heard from him at the end of today. I hope he'll send me his flight schedule. Only 2 days left.

Surprise, surprise. Brother called after diner (around 9 or 10?). Thought he called from the States, but no. He forgot that he had to teach a class and had to come back after dropping everyone off at the hotel. After his class was finished, he drove back across the border. Yikes!! Such a waste of gas!! He called to let me know not to be scared by stuff he dropped off at home when I go to feed his Guinea pigs. Hmm... cannot imagine he's make such a big mistake. But we're only human.

Gotta plan out tomorrow's Lougheed mall trip... I want to also visit Army and Navy, Michael's. Then go feed the Guinea pigs... Mom probably want to see dad too...

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