Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tried to get up at 11 but of course ended up getting up at 11:45. Back, neck and shoulders are still very stiff and heavy. Didn't have enough time but the vacuuming still had to be done. Then I realized mom had been using attachments from various vacuum cleaners on aunt L's hand-me-down. Yes, she has kept all the attachments form machines we used to have. I couldn't change the brush so she had to come help me. Brute force was the answer. Sigh...

As usual, I opened my wallet to check if I had enough cash for the oil change. To my horror, I saw... A's bus pass!!!!!! OMG I forgot to return it to him yesterday!!!!! How can I be so stupid!!!!! Sigh... this is what happens to my brain when I'm in pain. I phoned him up immediately to apologize. Turns out he didn't realize the pass was missing, and could have been fined $160 if caught. Yikes... thank God no one was checking. (T_T)

I was 10 minutes late for the oil change. The shop was super busy! And hot too! Most of all, unbelievably messy and dirty. I don't know how long I can tolerate that. (T_T) They are cheap and trustworthy, though. K made an effort to isolate my car to L. Way too intentional. Don't like it.

It was 2 when I left the shop. The oil change cost me $50. (K gave me a discount. Thanks.) Oh yes there are oily finger and hand prints. For that price, I don't think I'm qualified to complain, but... but... I just washed last Friday! And since it costs my back dearly, I can only do it 1-2 times a year. (T_T)

There was lots of time before seeing A, so I might as well go for the air care test and went to where I thought the center was... and couldn't find it. My memory had failed me again. Thank God for smart phones. (Although my mini one is inferior to most others, it does the job.) I was one set of traffic lights off. Got there, dreading about how I'd get a heat stroke waiting in line, but there was no lineup! I was able to drive right into a test station! Amazing! Thank God thank God! So, $45 and a few minutes, my car passed. (I remember it taking longer in previous year, though.)

Got home at 3. Finally ate lunch. I only had a cup of yogurt at 11. Chatted with J for a little and promised to call him between 9 and 10. Then I left the house again to meet A.

Got there around 4:40 and of course went treasure hunting the dollar store. Can't believe I picked up more stuff. Sigh... (coarse colour sand or fine colour pebbles?) Then went to Save-on to get a copy of their flyer. (We never get any flyers last Friday.)

A finished work and met me at Save-on. We ended up buying a watermelon and some corn on the cob. S's bus was delayed so A and I sat down at OP and placed our order first because that short-staffed place take forever. Then S showed up pissed off by the inaccurate bus schedule. He was also mad at Google not shipping his pre-ordered tablet until 2 weeks later. On the other hand, it seemed to be available at LD, so A wanted to get one (for me... yikes) and we all went to the closest branch. Unfortunately they sold out around 12:30. But lots of clearance games for $5.

After dropping S off at Royaloak (why does A keeps wanting me to drop S off at farther away stations?????) we went to get mom's request: Ensure and eggs. A got some ham. Then back to Save-on for my salad greens and yogurt. A also bought some salad greens. Seems like every time we go somewhere, he buys something. Hmm...

Since A wouldn't let me leave, I couldn't call J at the promised time. I got home at 10 and tried, but he had already turn off his phone. However, I reached him online. And the conclusion is, lets try again tomorrow. L also wants to meet... but I don't think I should give him any false hopes...

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