Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I think this can be classified as nightmare although it wasn't extremely scary. I was in someone's home talking to this Caucasian man about 50. Then he left the room. (It was a somewhat messy study.) I saw my cell phone on his desk. Seemed like he made me surrender my phone. Not sure what was going on, but instinct told me to leave immediately. "I was kidnapped". But at the same time I was wondering how can that guy be so careless? I ran to the next-door neighbour. Again, all Caucasians, with a bunch of kids. They seemed unbelievably comfortable with me. I asked to borrow the phone and called 911. However, reception was really bad and the call was cut off. Second trial was the same. I turn to a girl and asked if I could use her cell phone, but she said the battery is dead. (It was the first generation "water bottle" type with 2A batteries!!!!) Oh well I had no choice but to stick around. No one was surprised that I was kidnapped, or offer any help. No adults talked to me either, and they all went on doing their own stuff. At that point I felt something was fishy. Could this be one of those isolated villages and they want new members so they kidnapped me? Didn't know how long I stayed, but I left that house. One girl didn't want me to leave and followed me (to the very end). She kept begging me to stay and told me my effort is useless. (That was the scary part.) Luckily that place was not as rustic as it looked and I easily reach the town area. I was searching for pay phones on the street but there was none. (I had nothing... no money, but 911 should be free on pay phones... right?) Then I tried some shops but they had none either. (An open corner with a bakery and antique telephone shop.) As the sun set, I arrived at a dramatically hilly area that felt like Women Street. Didn't feel like going into those shops so I kept walking around. All these time the girl was following me. Sometimes she seemed like she wanted to leave with me, sometimes she wanted me to stay. She wouldn't tell me the name of the town but I found it on shop doors. (Squirrel something...) Then there was a part that I was reading a book about the history of this town. Hilly alright. Not sure if there was a missing part, but there was an antique suitcase, and I was looking at a twin tail school swimsuit high-school anime girl rolling down a stair case and got badly injured. She fell under the bed and thought "Oh no, I'm dead, my body is going cold." I was lying in that Caucasian girl's room... thinking I must die to get out of the situation. I seemed to have synchronized with the anime girl and as she died I opened my eyes and I was in my own bed in my own room. But there was a few moments between these 2 worlds that was super creepy. I could see the stain glass lamp shade from her room being in mine.

One really strange thing was, every single person in that dream town was Caucasian.

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