Sunday, July 01, 2012

New West

Canada day... but I've completely given up on shooting any Pinky picture card for that. (Not just this time, but in general. Not in the mood and no energy for that.) Opened my eyes at 2, and got out of bed at 2:30. Last time I looked at the clock was 7, which gave me about 7 hours of sleep. I really need it as the corners of my mouth flare up. And it seems to be working.

Wash my hair, and went to brother's to feed the Guinea pigs. Again, they weren't too hungry for dry food or hay, but screamed when I got the bag of veggies from the fridge.

Picked up 3 pieces of chestnut cake from Maxiam's for S who's having a cold. A requested pizza. After the "meal", we went to Best Buy for A's game, which was on our way to S's. We arrived just after 6. Lucky for summer, the sun sets at 9:30. Somehow my energy was low enough I fell asleep when the guys were playing with cell phones and speakers. Then we went to a Malaysian restaurant S suggested at 8. I seldom do to that kind of restaurants as the food is usually hot and spicy. It's good to know that there are non-spicy dishes. (However, there's still a bit of heat despite the "non-spicy".) Dropped S off. Brother called. He said mom didn't answer the phone, so I dropped A off and went directly home. Other then mom, my stomach had been irritated probably from the yogurt I had for lunch, plus a headache started when at S's. I really don't want to bring any gems home that might cause mom a cold so close to her surgery. Luckily, my headache subsided and the knock came. Stomach still feels bloated, though. Kept dosing off at the desk and again failed to work on L's picture. (T_T)

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