Monday, July 30, 2012

Yoga class

Bad me. Failed to sleep early again and got waken up by the second parcel. Estimated sleep time: 4 hours. The corners of my mouth is flaring up as I type this. The parcel's brokerage fee was less then the less one. Strange, but I will not complain. Wait... it's still way too expensive!

Ate some oatmeal and went to borrow A's bus pass. (Thanks!) Of course I forgot to factor in the driving and parking. Didn't check the time but I think I either narrowly made it, or just slightly late. There was a lady who was later than me, so I wasn't the last one. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but nonetheless, had some post holding. I think I'll be able to tell by tomorrow if it's given me any benefits or made things worse.

Session with OT continued after the yoga class. More info exchange. Then I went back to MT and looked at a few shops, and it was 5. Met up with and took him grocery shopping. Thanks for sharing the watermelon, blueberry, and bread!

Came home and kept falling asleep at the desk as usual. (T_T) FMG sent me another mail about closeout sales so... of course I'm looking again. Never learn. (T_T)

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