Monday, July 09, 2012


Last day before mom's cataract surgery. She's clearly nervous despite experience, and had been nagging me for setting up alarm clock and changing the GPS destination. I know she doesn't trust. me. Sigh... She's so nervous, she washed the rubber car floor mats before I even got up. Thanks... But you still don't trust me...

Nevertheless, thank God for chiropractor. Much relieve but still can turn my head to the left. Hope tomorrow will be better. Shopper's doesn't have the apple juice I want, so I went to LD. Then mom phoned me up saying brother was over and finished with his hair-cut. He proposed a visit to dad since mom will be staying away from the nursing home for the next 30 days. The cat recognized me and followed me into dad's room, but she wasn't comfortable staying and left soon. Niece G was away so the 5 of us went for our usual eat-out day. Went to the library after dinner. The rabbits were not out today. ("Wild" rabbit... probably former pets being released onto the community center's ground.) Then brother dropped us off at home. Got the knock. Apparently eating rice seem to help. Showered and return A's call, and it was too dark to put the rubber floor mats back into the car. It has to wait till tomorrow morning. But I've already failed to sleep early. God, please help us have a safe trip. Thanks.

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