Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Thank God for chiropractor day. Feeling much better although still not completely well. Took care of my car insurance right after. $$$$.... Then across the street to the re-purpose / re-cycle art supply store. Didn't find anything worth buying. Next stop, the bead shop on Main. Didn't find anything either. Good. I always end up buying stuff that I shouldn't have.

It was Nofrills after that. Somehow it was really cold inside and I didn't even get to the eggs. At least picked up a copy of their flyers as we didn't get any last Friday. Might as well go to Buylow. Bagged mixed salad was on sale so I got one. Flyer again. Salad for dinner.

Even got to take a walk after washing dishes. The weather was mild and even a bit chilly. Perfect for walks. J was talking to M, and I got the knock, so we didn't get to talk. I'm just glad that the knock came. My tummy has been feeling more bloated.

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