Friday, July 13, 2012

Black Friday

Luckily nothing bad happened. Thank God. Brought some ice-cream to dad just before 6PM. Dinner was over so he was back in his room... and completely naked. His T-shirt was on the bed but neither the male nurse nor myself could find his pants. Then the nurse checked the top of the wardrobe and there was one pair of shorts. Shouldn't be the one dad took off but a pair that the staff keep there. The mystery is, where has the pair dad was originally wearing gone?????? It wasn't in the trash can or outside the window.

Played with the cat some more after I exited the section. But the automatic main entrance door wouldn't open. Turns out it locks after 6 and I need to buzz the nurse. This time another nurse let me out through the backyard gate.

Washed my car... took a long time. Of course my back is really stiff and sore. Feeling extremely unwell... (T_T)

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