Monday, July 16, 2012


Mom's eye appointment before 11. It was unusual that we were only told to be there before 11, the clinic was not full. Mom said it was the people who paid the extra $ to have the operation done at the Metrotown clinic from Saturday. (The doctor only do that on Saturdays.) Works fine for me. He only took a quick look at mom to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. We were out the door at 10:55. Amazing.

Met up with A to borrow his bus pass for my appointment in the afternoon. Meanwhile, ate early lunch with mom at T&T. It's always the sticky rice wrap for me and dimsum for mom. Then we dropped by to see dad. Picked up soy milk and got home at 1:30. Rested till slightly after 2 and there I went, back to Metrotown. Walked around for a little and went to my appointment.

Got there right on time but the OT took a few minutes to come out. We talked and she suggested me to join me for yoga next week. So I think I'll have to borrow A's bus pass again. The neighbourhood has an average of more than one bagger on each block. And I'm very sad that the non-chain dollar store has disappeared.

Needed to get a pair of suitable pants for yoga. There were huge lineup at both the fitting room and cashier at UB. Wasted some time and met back up with A around 5:20. Thanks for dinner and the jacket. The intention was for a walk, but as A said, walking in a store always ends up with a purchase. Both at Costco and Walmart. Oh well...

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