Saturday, July 14, 2012


Back's sore on the touch. That's why I can only wash my car once a year. (Twice the most.) When you're constantly in pain, there's no way your mood can be good. Met up with A anyway. He didn't seem to feel well either. But after a burger, he was better. My car was very hot and the bridges were jammed up so we stayed in the area. Went to drop off some stuff to the clothing donation box and recycling depot. Then DQ. A had his burger and I had a ice-cream Popsicle. Wasn't hungry. Shouldn't have eaten that but it was just too hot. Then Safeway for grocery. They don't have whole watermelon so we got one at a nearby store. After going back to A's place to drop off the stuff that needs refrigeration, we walked back out to a neighbourhood store for corn. Thanks A for sharing the watermelon and corn.

Came back home and kept dosing off at the desk as usual. Back hurts... Still need to vacuum the car... (T_T)

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