Sunday, July 01, 2012

Guylian's Temptations

From December 2011. Thanks A for this Christmas edition. There are 3 of 3 types = 9 pieces in the box and all shape like seahorses. The wrapping is unusual. It looks like the basic twist wrap but all sides are sealed when untwisted, with an "open here" cut in the middle. The candy itself has a chocolate shell with truffle inside.

Milk Chocolate Truffle (blue)
Awesome. Nothing to complain.

Dark & White chocolate Original (light brown)
This one is good too. The filling has strong hazelnut taste. Best of the 3.

Dark Chocolate (dark brown)
This, is disappointing. The sour aftertaste doesn't need to be "after" and shows up when you're sucking on the chocolate. Very unpleasant. (T_T)

Normally, this is one of those gourmet chocolate that I don't usually buy. Now I know to stay away from the dark chocolate for sure.

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