Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Long drive

Drove almost all day.
Lougheed... Mom's eye appointment. Got 2 pairs of shorts for dad in the mall.
Army&Navy... dad's clothes. Price range over budget so we didn't buy anything.
Michael's... bought 2 frames for L. Nothing good left in the clearance isle.
PriceSmart... the lettuce on sale was no where to be found. We bought a lottery ticket instead.
Metrotown... afternoon snack to refuel.
Kidnapped A from his office...
... to go to Costco to drop off mom's prescription. 1.5 hour wait.
VanYa for dinner.
Back to Costco to pick up mom's prescription.
CIBC to pay my card bill.
Brother's place to feed the Guinea pigs. Mom took advantage of the free long distance call.

Forgot to take Pinky pictures at meal time!!!!!! Arrgghhhh!!!!

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