Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mouth corner

(No photo today. This was taken on the 5th.)
Slept for the missed portion from the day before.... 7.5 hours? Back is not doing well. Especially lower back. Left should is also bad. Would have gone for a walk but I'm using that eczema cream on my mouth corners and must stay away from the sun. The rash has grown in size and feels irritated. The cream is long expired but it still work as moisturizer.

Cousin B called and I let her know that dad doesn't recognize the shoes and keeps throwing them outside his room... Sigh...

When I was about to put away the leftover tofu, mom opened the fridge and took out a crumbled bunch of clink wrap. OMG... she wanted to wrap the dish with it?!?!?!!!!!! Of course I used one of the Anchor glass bowls. That clink wrap was wrapping a piece of ginger root before and she kept it there for the next one. She claims that the tofu will be recooked again so it's fine. Sorry, I just cannot accept that. Why can't she understand that this is exactly the reason why people think old folks are dirty?

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