Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Surgery day

Only got 3.5 hours sleep. Corners of my mouth are flaring up. There was a car accident on highway 1 that caused a big traffic jam. 3 lanes were squeezed into one. I must have gotten nervous from the delay and took one wrong turn missing the bypass. Still got to the hospital thanks to brother's GPS, but about 15 minutes late.

According to the nurses, the doctor had a difficult case in the morning and it avalanche onto everyone after. Mom's surgery was supposed to be at noon, but she actually went in at 1:25. We were the first one up after the doctor's lunch. So originally we should have been before his lunch. Mom's freezing eye-drops were wearing out and she felt discomfort. I hope she voices her condition in the operation room.

Thought I found a shaded parking spot, but of course the sun moved and my car was baked. Didn't use the shield either. Luckily it was more on the rear. Then, the way back also gave me a wrong turn. But this time I got last time's mistake right. Technically speaking, it wasn't a wrong turn but I just follow the GPS, and it seemed to have took us to a long route. Oh well. It also made a few contradicting instructions and at least 3 that I knew were wrong. The lesson is, the signs are the most correct.

Stopped by T&T for a late lunch around 3:45... which means it took us one hour 45 minutes to get back. Way worst than last time. Sigh...

Got home and of course could not keep myself awake. Bad for my neck... (T_T)

The cherry from brother trip are starting to go bad so mom decided to use them for jam. I was pitting them, cutting them into halves... then I saw it... tiny white worms!!!! Ewwwww!!!!!! They seem to have gotten in there when the flower was blooming. Mom was shocked as she's eaten quite a few! She said these are maggots... I hope she's right. If they are parasites, it's gonna be really bad...

Not sure if it's the bad traffic or I'm getting used to the drug, I seem to be more irritated by small things like before...

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