Thursday, July 19, 2012


(No photo today. This was taken on the 18th.)
Couldn't get up... and ended up lying in bed for too long. No energy. Kept falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon. Then brother called for eat-out day. At the restaurant, I realized I've left my handbag at his place! Aaaarrrgh!!!! This has never happened before. My brain has clearly been missing. (When leaving my place, I forgot to bring my slippers and jacket.) It could be the other stuff that I was carrying too. After dinner mom took advantage of brother's phone plan and made a long distant call. I sat with niece N to give her a few Photoshop tips. However, I've been using CS4 and got a bit lost in her CS5. Overall, I've been a zombie today. Mind has been extremely muddy. What happened...?

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