Sunday, July 22, 2012


Alarm went off at 12:30 but couldn't peel myself off the bed until 2. No energy again. Body stiff and sore especially lower back. Canker sore has been killing me. My brain is still gone. I was in extreme bad mood. Mom wasn't home so I fear she might had gone to see dad on her own. Relieve came after reading her note. Brother took her to his church community day. So I thought I should call A up although I didn't quite feel like meeting. Has it turn into a duty to see him weekly? Mom came back with Mr. L who also went to the community day. He gave her a ride because brother had to go to North Van. She brought a hotdog and some treats back, which became my lunch. Then I went to meet A and we went Costco mainly for my prescription refill (and MSM). Can't believe he actually hates that place now. Every shop he liked at some point he hates now. And he keeps telling me to be positive and not "complain"?!?!?!???? He hasn't been feeling well so I took him home for washroom... but! No he didn't go. Instead he was all over me. Did he lie so that he could be alone with me and grope me all over????? Sorry I haven't been feeling well at all either, and you failed to understand that. You asked me to dress up so I did. Uncomfortable dress with cold legs and shoes not for walking and bad for my back. What did I get? You all over me when I don't want it. And you said I should be happy that you're reacting. If that's all that you want, then there's no way I can stay around. All the awkwardness, all the discomfort, all the brainwashing, all the pressure and stress.... I can't take it anymore.

Note to self: remember Costco does have MSM on it's own. Behind the counter, just under $13. No need to buy the combined stuff anymore.

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