Saturday, July 28, 2012


J asked if I'd be interested to see the fireworks. Downtown would be hell so I went against it. photo: karaoke party: food

Plus, it was Andre Rieu's concert movie tonight. I kind of want to go, but not comfortable to ask A. We ended up deciding on a karaoke night. Was gonna do it at S's but he was out and couldn't get home in time to prepare. So we did it at J's.

A had not been feeling well and undecided about going anywhere. (Yet he went downtown earlier.) I didn't want to push him. Then he became very stuck to me. OK, I'm not sure why you're sick, but seemed like you don't care if I also catch it. If you're well enough to get suck to me, you should be well enough to go to J's. It didn't matter if he went or not. I'd still go alone. At the end he decided to go. But we've wasted quite a bit of time, and ended up being the latest. (When he want to grope me, nothing else matter, including trying to be on time to whatever is next.) Grrrr....

Karaoke was fun. I got to dig up a few old anime songs. Then a few episodes of Densha Otoko. The party ended around 2. Yikes... my car insurance had expired before I got to put the new sticker up! I was going to do it before I left home, but (1) needed to bring A the hard-boiled egg, (2) the shop where I'd be picking up the steam rolls might close so I had to go there first. In short, I was in a hurry, and forgot about the sticker until after midnight. Gas price seemed OK so I filled up, and fixed the sticker at the gas station.

Came home, tried to work on L's picture, but kept falling asleep... Ended up going to bed super later again without much done...

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